Cherry Soda


Cherry Soda

Bringing out the aromatic essence and flavor of the wild cherry

Three Cents Cherry Soda brings back the nostalgic appeal of crafted cherry syrup as a vintage offering in soda fountain bars of the 30s. By captivating the precious almond aroma of the kernels and the floral and fruity notes of wild cherry bark, we have perfectly delivered the complex, sweet, ripe and dry flavors of the fruit in a unique soda, ideal for your slings, smashes and floats.

200 ml

Retro Soda with a Modern Spark

A modern recreation of the old-fashioned soda fountain drink, the Cherry Soda combines high quality spring water with aromatic notes of almond and wild cherry. The intense and complex flavor makes this fizzy beverage a perfect addition to your gin-based cocktails and long drinks. The black and white cherry drawing on the bottle reflects the vintage flair of the drink.

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