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The Pantheon of Drinks in a Single Brand

There may be thousands of magazines, websites and blogs dedicated to the enchanting world of mixology and spirits out there, but Drinks International is much more than an account of recent developments in drinks.

After all, how often do we get to read a detailed annual report on the preferences of the leading bartenders across the world, especially one that’s supplemented by detailed coverage of the prevalent trends in each category? Published recently, the latest Drinks International report is a result of in-depth research at 100 bars (50 of which are on the list of the very best in the world) in 28 cities and 15 countries across the globe. Not only recording but also defining trends, the annual report showcases bartenders’ top ten choices split by spirit, mixer and product type, as well as another ten “top trending” results in each category, featuring brands that have earned the attention of the most seasoned bar professionals on a global scale.

The 2017 list was presented in full in December, shedding light on everything that’s worthy of our attention in 2018. So if you’re wondering which gins have won over the best bartenders in the world, or if you’re looking for the new “it product”, spirit or mixer served at the most prominent bars in the world, you now know where to turn to.

Drinks International launched in 1972. Since then, it has been dedicated to keeping audiences up to date about new products related to the bar industry, as well as news and developments in the sector – daily through its website, monthly through the magazine and regularly through its events.

As one of the most prestigious and respected drinks guides in the world, Drinks International takes every opportunity to offer original content about the drinks industry. The brand targets an international professional audience that includes buyers, bar managers, bartenders, distributors, liquor and specialist store owners, and of course everyone who loves the world of spirits and likes to keep up to date with its trends.

On the guides’ digital or printed pages, you can find useful information about new releases; discover which company acquired an established product or released a new one; read in-depth analysis on the present and future of a spirit, carbonated beverage, beer or wine; browse articles and interviews about the people, locations and products that define contemporary drinking; discover competitions and their results; or even learn about relevant legislation and potential changes to it.

However, Drinks International is not just about journalism. After all, this brand has been quenching audiences’ thirst for information for more than 45 years now. Equally important are the award schemes, competitions and events organised under the brand’s umbrella. In fact, they are widely believed to define trends, expectations and even product quality in most cases.

The jewel in the crown of Drinks International’s annual events calendar is The World’s 50 Best Bars, the most prestigious event to showcase the very best bars in the world. Currently in its ninth year, it is the biggest celebration in the international drinks community and a result of the votes of more than 500 industry experts from across the globe.

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