of Pure Science


Soda drinks

are no mystery

it’s the science of carbonating water
and adding a dash of flavor.



of Artisanal Beverages

Born in the 1920s when alcohol was prohibited, the soda fountains became popular quenching thirst in drugstores instead of bars (Two Cents plain and Three Cents).


Long Lasting


With a 1920s scientific manual in hand and the curiosity and obstinacy of a bar tender maniac, Three Cents team creates the bubbliest sodas ever. So many bubbles that persistently stay in the mix. The science of carbon dioxide and precious minerals mixed with the most natural flavours under the biggest pressure ever.


Bringing out

the Flavor

Three Cents bubbliness lasts to the final sip of your cocktail, never disintegrating, never deserting your favourite drink bringing out the flavours to the rim of your glass transcending you to a heavenly experience.

Meet the

Soda Mixers

The easiest way to always create
the most flavored and balanced drink,
within minutes, with no extra ingredients.

A Million Bubbles of Pure Science

Two Cents Plain was the way sparkling water used to be ordered during the Great Depression in the USA by adding flavor to your Soda the price went up to Three Cents. However, the world has evolved since the 1920s and so has cocktail science changing the rules of mixology to a simple rule of thumb…balance. The perfect balance of acidity, sweetness, bitterness and booze. Or so we thought. Until three spirited bartenders carrying out the heritage of soda fountains, the scientific expertise and the knowledge of artisanal production came to realize that to make the perfect cocktail you need just the right amount of bubbles, and so it began.

The first Premium Greek carbonated beverages were in production, under Three Cents brand name, inspired by four men of completely different backgrounds, Vasilis Kalatzis, Dimitris Dafopoulos, George Bagos and George Tsirikos all sharing the same passion, cocktail science.


Blending old world tradition with modern science, these ingenious bartenders have succeeded in creating a line of artisanal beverages that were missing up until then from the Greek food & beverage market. The Three Cents beverages, produced by 100% natural ingredients with no preservatives, artificial flavors, aromas or colors, suitable both for vegetarians and those following a gluten free diet.

Three Cents Artisanal Beverages, are in fact the first Greek Premium Mixers that have been created to accommodate the functional and practical needs of a modern bar reducing the cost of preparation while maintaining the coherence and consistency in taste and overall outcome. These Premium drinks allow you to mix the most exceptional cocktails in the fastest and easiest way possible at any place, any time. Three Cents have managed to introduce an exclusive range of premium sodas that can be used as a mixer for cocktails or alone as a delicious refreshment, and that’s the beauty of it!

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